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Bluetooth modules

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  1. LM817

    LM817 provides a complete solution for a wireless coexistence applications which requirer high throughput, and quality performance for WLAN and Bluetooth connections.

  2. LM540

    Long Range Bluetooth USB adapter with external SMA connector

  3. LM506

    BT 4.0 Dual Mode HCI Adapter supporting Bluetooth v3.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy. Bulk Packed OEM/Quantity pricing is available.
  4. LM505

    Short Range Bluetooth USB adapter with very small form factor 2.5 cm x 2 cm.

     This product is End of Life. Please use the LM506 as a replacement.

  5. blue21 RS232 Adapter

    Fully qualified Bluetooth 1.1 Class 1
    Up to 250m range (free space)

  6. BL-554

    USB Bluetooth adapter
  7. BL-500

    Bluetooth Type II PCMCIA card

7 Item(s)

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