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  • Class-leading speed and accuracyTurn on and track moving targets in seconds
  • Extra small, rugged, portable design
  • Lightweight, MIL-spec system for harsh environments
  • Easy Integration
  • Flexibility for a wide range of applications and sensors

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PTU-5 pan tilt unit, includes top bracket, standard slip ring (445-0005-01-00)   + $3,229.05

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PTU-5 with standard Top Bracket

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    Standing only six inches tall when fully integrated, the new FLIR PTU-5 can hold up to five pounds on its top bracket, packing incredible performance into a compact package. Even with its small size the PTU-5 is more accurate than many other – more expensive – systems thanks to the absolute encoders used on the drive axes. Fully sealed and weather-proof rated to IP67, the PTU-5 can be used anywhere, even outdoors. By doing away with the separate controller box, and including a unique ability to home the axes without returning to zero, the PTU-5 is easy to set-up and has a fast start-up sequence.

    PTU-5 is the lightweight, low-cost, easy to integrate pan/tilt solution demanding OEM integrators have been looking for.

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    More Information
    Brand Teledyne
    Backorder Lead Time 16 Weeks (ARO)
    PTU Weight 4.7 lb (~2.1 kg)
    PTU Max Tilt Speed 50˚/s
    PTU Max Payload 5 lb top mount; 6 lb total side mount
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