DSVGA150 OLED Microdisplay (EMA-101125-01)

  • Emissive Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode on Silicon
  • 800 (x3) x 600 pixels
  • 15 micron square color group
  • ~ 2 grams
  • ≥ 150 cd/m2 (front luminance), DSVGA 60Hz VESA mode
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The DSVGA XL device from eMagin Corporation is an active-matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) micro display intended for near-to-eye applications that demand high image quality, compact size, and very low power. Combining a total of 1,542,528 active OLED dots, the DSVGA display is built on a single crystal silicon backplane and features eMagin’s proprietary thin-film OLED XL technology offering extended life and luminance performance.

The active array is comprised of 824 x 624 square pixels with a 15-micron pitch and a 75% fill factor. An extra 24 columns and 24 rows (beyond the 800 x 600 main array) are provided to enable the active DSVGA display to be shifted by steps of 1 pixel in the X and Y directions for temporal dithering or optical alignment purposes. Additional dummy and test pixels surround the active array. Each full pixel is laid out as three 5 x 15 micron identical sub-pixels, which together form the 15-micron square RGB color group. Three primary color filter stripes are applied in alignment with the sub-pixels on a white-emissive OLED layer to form the color display. Monochrome capability is accomplished by building the display without color filter, and configuring it for monochrome use. In this case, each pixel has a built-in triple redundancy (3 sub-pixels per pixel sharing the same information)

The DSVGA design features eMagin’s proprietary “Deep Black” architecture that ensures off- pixels are truly black, automatically optimizes contrast under all conditions, and delivers improved pixel uniformity. In addition to its flexible matrix addressing circuitry, the DSVGA includes an internal 10-bit DAC that ensures a full 256 gamma-corrected gray level, an on-chip set of look-up-tables for digital gamma correction, and a novel pulse-width-modulation (PWM) function that, together with the standard analog control, provides an extended dimming range. The PWM function also enables an impulse drive mode of operation that significantly reduces motion artifacts in high speed scene changes.

Parameter Specification
Display Type Emissive, Color Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode on Silicon
Format 800 (x3) x 600 pixels
Total Pixel Array 824 (x3) x 624 pixels
Color Pixel Aspect Ratio 15 micron square color group
Color Pixel Arrangement R, G, B Vertical Stripe
Display Area 12.36 x 9.36 mm (15.50 mm diagonal, 0.61”)
Useable Display Area 12 x 9 mm (15.0 mm diagonal, 0.59”)
Mechanical Envelope 18.0 x 16.0 x 5.01 mm (rigid carrier board)
Weight ~ 2 grams
Gray Levels 256 per primary color
Uniformity > 85% end to end
Contrast Ratio > 1000:1 typical
Dimming Ratio >400:1 with CR> 1,000:1 typical
White Luminance (Color display) ≥ 150 cd/m2 (front luminance), DSVGA 60Hz VESA mode
Video Interface RGB 24-bit Digital 1.8V CMOS
Video Source Clock 65 MHz maximum (VESA mode), up to 120 Hz frame rate
Control & Serial Interface Digital 1.8V CMOS
Power Interface  
IO/Front-end Supply (VDD1.8)   1.8 Volts DCC@ 10 mA maximum
Array/Analog Supply2 (VDD5)   5.0 Volts DC @ 50 mA maximum
Bias Supply (VPG)   -1.5 Volts DC @ 1 nA maximum
Operating Ambient Temperature -45ºC to +70ºC
Storage Temperature -55ºC to +90ºC
Humidity 85%RH non-condensing
More Information
Brand eMagin
Backorder Lead Time Usually ~8 weeks.
OLED Color Color
OLED Revision Rev. 0
Faceplate 0.5mm Glass
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