The DSVGA-YH201 is a high-performance low-cost OLED driver supporting all variants of the eMagin DSVGA OLED. Integrated dual-mode DVI / HDMI digital video input enable a compact single-board design suitable for virtually any near-to-eye application.

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The DSVGA-YH201's compact design is optimized for all near to eye designs. The Driver supports easy monocular Left/Right and Up/Down image mirroring as well as binocular side-by side mounting. Simple interface allows for quick integration and drop in functionality.

Additional features such as programmable brightness control make going from concept, to prototype, to product quick and easy.



    • Supports all Variants of eMagin DSVGA display (EMA-101125-01, EMA-101110-01, EMA-101126-01)
    • Low Power: < 0.8W (less OLED)
    • DVI, HDMI (no HDCP)
    • Monocular: 1 OLED Channel
    • SVGA
    • User-selectable Control Options
    • Rapid start-up
    • User-configurable Mounting Features (Scored tabs)
    • Industrial Temperature Range (-40 ~ 80C)
    • RoHS / Pb-free



    • Head Mounted Displays (HMD)
    • Wearable Devices
    • Virtual / Augmented Reality
    • Embedded Viewers
    • Electronic Viewfinder
    • Instrumentation


More Information
Brand Tek Gear
Backorder Lead Time Usually ~8 weeks.
Display Manufacturer eMagin
Display eMagin SXGA096
Display Mount Board-to-Board
Form Factor Larger than display
Luminance Adjustable
Cable Interface HDMI
Command Interface No
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