Wireless InertiaCube3

Wireless 3DoF tracker
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Maintaining the performance of the InertiaCube3 orientation sensor, the Wireless InertiaCube3 adds a robust wireless interface to your  OEM application. Ideal for real‐time simulation & training, industrial hand‐held devices, and human movement analysis. With an optional I2C interface, external analog and digital data is combined with the sensor data through the wireless interface for  control of buttons, joysticks, and LEDs. Advanced magnetic compensation algorithms mitigate the environmental effects caused by  ferrous metal and static magnetic fields.

The Wireless InertiaCube3 receiver interfaces via USB or RS‐232 to the host computer and supports up to four Wireless InertiaCube3  Sensors per receiver.


Key Features    

  • Wireless and sourceless 3 DOF tracking with full 360° range    
  • Accuracy of 1° yaw, 0.25° pitch & roll    
  • 180 Hz update rate (120 Hz with 3 or more sensors per receiver)    
  • 6 ms of latency    
  • Adjustable output filters and rotational sensitivity    
  • In‐situ and environmental Compass Calibration Tools for static magnetic field compensation    
  • Accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer data available    
  • Optional I2C interface allows transmission of analog and digital data via wireless communication


Degrees of Freedom 3 (Yaw, Pitch, and Roll)
Angular Range Full 360° - All Axes
Maximum Angular Rate* 1200° per second
Minimum Angular Rate* 0° per second
Accuracy (RMS)* 1° in yaw, 0.25° in pitch & roll at 25°C
Angular Resolution* 0.03° RMS
Update Rate 180 Hz (up to two sensors per receiver)
120 Hz (three or four sensors per receiver)
Minimum Latency < 6 ms (host OS dependent)
Prediction Up to 50 milliseconds
Wireless Receiver Interface

USB (supports four wireless sensors)
RS-232 Serial (supports one wireless sensor @ 115.2 kbaud
and up to four @ 230.4 kbaud

(without mounting plate)
1.23 in. x 1.70 in. x 0.58 in.
(31.3 mm x 43.2 mm x 14.8 mm)
Weight 0.70 ounces (20 grams)
IC3 Battery Power
9 VDC Battery for 8 hours of continuous use
Operating Temp. Range 0° to 70° C
O/S Compatibility  .dll for Windows 7/Vista/XP
.so for Linux
Wireless Receiver Cable Length  6.4 feet (2 meters)
Wireless Range up to 100 feet (33 meters)

* Measurements with perceptual enhancement algorithm turned off (-0)

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Brand Intersense
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