NVIS Virtual Binocular SV


800 x 600 Binoculars

End Of Life.  Please use Scout 35 as the replacement.


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The Virtual Binocular SV (VBSV) hand-held display is designed for cost-sensitive, professional training and simulation applications. 

The VBSV features a remarkably bright 800x600 display with focus-adjustable eyepieces displaying a 40º field-of-view.  Stereopsis is supported via two independent video inputs.

The VBSV has a user accessible door that allows users to install and replace most popular motion trackers.  Mounting hardware inside the VBSV supports the IC2/3 and IS-900 motion trackers from InterSense®.  

The VBSV provides six programmable USB Joystick compatible buttons, plus a z-axis scroll wheel, offering developers and users a wide array of interactivity within their applications.

The VBSV was designed for applications with sensitive budgets requiring an easy-to-use, professional immersive display.  Its intuitive interface lends itself well to applications ranging from simulated binoculars used in military trainers to virtual 3D microscopes for medical simulations.

Monocular FOV 40°
Overlap 100%
Brightness 45 fL
Arc Minute Per Pixel 2.4
Focus ± 4 diopter
See Thru Transmission N/A
Technology OLED (EMagin)
Video Formats SVGA
Color 24 Bit
Stereo Yes
IPD Adjustment 53-75 mm
Eye Relief 11 mm
Weight 750 g
Power Input USB
More Information
Manufacturer NVIS
Vision binocular
Resolution SVGA 800x600
Display Technology OLED
Video Inputs VGA
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