The Third Eye - HDD


Tactical SVGA Hand Held Display


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Is a high-performance tactical infantry display to enable superior manipulation of the user’s C2 applications and video outputs, within the framework of operational constraints.

Support the following operational needs

  • Avoid light emission
  • Prevent sun / exterior light reflection
  • Support single-handed use
  • Provide rugged, durable system & interface to C2 platform
  • Maintain balanced situational awareness / tactical information viewing
  • Easy interface to any of the user’s computing solutions (supporting SVGA) or video source (platform/composite), via standard VGA, USB or BNC outputs
  • Ideal for tactical field commanders, Special Forces, forward observers; HLS and peacekeeping scenarios


Optics & Sensors 
Field of View 32 degrees
Eye Relief 25mm
Exit Pupil 8mm
Diopter -5 to +4
Source   Full-colored OLED
Resolution   852x600 (x3) pixels
Luminance   0.1 – 100 foot-lamberts
Contrast   100:1
Digital Compass  
Azimuth Accuracy   0.5°
Inclinometer   Dual-Axis, Pitch & Roll 45°
Inclinometer Accuracy   0.2°
Features   Field Calibration
Analog Video Rates   800x600 (SVGA 56Hz – 85Hz)
Analog Video Input   NTSC / PAL / RGB
Data Input Interfaces   RS-232 / USB
Cable Connector  Fischer
  Custom cables are available upon request
Controls  Mouse (cursor / right / left)
   Compass (ON / OFF)
   Display (ON / OFF / Brightness)
Source  5V 0.6W Nominal (from USB)
Weight  280 g
Dimensions  175 x 40 x 40 mm
Cabling  Up to 1.8 m
Fully Complies with MIL-STD-810  
More Information
Manufacturer Astronautics
Vision monocular
Resolution SVGA 800x600
Display Technology OLED
Video Inputs NTSC, PAL, VGA
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