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The Mi-Sensor-1 is a multifunction battery powered wireless sensor that is capable of simultaneously monitoring temperature, motion, and moisture present or contact closure. Sensor notification is wirelessly sent to a Mi-Gateway-1 for delivery to an email account or smart phone.


  • User configurable notification of temperature high and/or low set point exceeded. Temperature sensing range is –30C (-22F) to +60C (+140F) in 1-degree increments, +/- 2C (4F) accuracy.
  • User configurable notification of motion/shock present or not. Motion/shock thresholds are user configurable from 0.06g to 6.24g in 99 steps.
  • User configurable notification of moisture present or not across the sensing wires.
  • User configurable notification of contact closure or not. The ends of the sensing wires are shorted together or open.
  • User configurable notification of low battery condition. Upon detecting a low battery condition the battery should be replaced.
  • User configurable periodic reporting interval of 0 to 9999 minutes. When the period is set between 1 and 9999 minutes, the sensor will send a report indicating the current state of its sensing inputs.
  • User configurable sensor name. The sensor may be given a name of up to 8 characters. This name is used to identify the sensor in all messages sent.
  • User accessible test button for sending a test message and configuring the sensor. At any time the test button may be pressed to verify that the sensor is working correctly and is within wireless range of the gateway. The test button is also used to configure the sensor with the user configurable parameters specified by the gateway.
  • Moisture/Contact sensing wire may be up to 2m (6.5’) long.
  • Operating range of –30C (-22F) to +60C (+140F)
  • Sensors may be monitored by multiple gateways.
  • Message encryption with user configurable key.
  • 16 configurable RF channels in the 2.4Ghz operating frequency with FCC and IC approvals.
  • Integrated antenna with up to 100m (328’) outdoor and 20m (66’) indoor operating range.
  • Size 4cm (1.6”) x 4cm (1.6”) x 1.5cm (0.6”) and Weight 15g (0.5 ounces).
  • User replaceable CR2032 battery with approximately one year life depending on configuration.
  • The Mi-Sensor-1 easily adheres to most surfaces using supplied double-sided adhesive foam pads.

Product Contents

  • Mi-Sensor-1
  • One CR2032 Lithium battery
  • 60 cm moisture sensing wire
  • Two doubled sided adhesive foam pads
  • Instructions

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