I-Port 40 Plus

Stereoscopic XGA HMD
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The Creative Display Systems I-PORT™ 40 Plus is a lightweight head mounted  display (HMD)  system featuring full-color XGA resolution.   Proprietary wide field-of-view IROC™ technology allows very compact direct view optics to be mounted to a comfortable, fully adjustable headband.

The 1U rack compatible Display Interface Unit (DIU) accepts video, stereo audio and  microphone inputs and  routes them  to the  HMD via a  2-piece quick-disconnect cable.   Both HMD and DIU are interchangeable and  available separately.

The I-PORT 40 Plus accepts standard VESA  XGA video from any PC or workstation, and easily accommodates the most common head trackers.

The I-PORT™ 40 Plus is an advanced display system that is well suited for training, simulation, medical and virtual reality applications.

Display Type: Full color, AMLCD XGA engine
(1024H x 768V)
  Resolution: 1.9 arcmin/color group
  Contrast: >150:1
  Luminance: 5 - 50 foot-Lamberts (adjustable)
  Color: 24 bit
  Stereo:  Dual Channel Support
Optical Field of     View: 42º Diagonal (34° H x 25° V)
  Optics: IROC™
  Exit Pupil: Non-pupil forming
  Overlap: 100%
Mechanical Mounting: Fully adjustable headband system
  IPD: Independent left /right, 55-75mm
  Eye Relief: Eyeglass compatible, 25mm ±15mm
  HMD Weight: 795g (1.75 lb. including headband)
  Color: White/Gray
  DIU Weight: <900g (<2 lbs., separate box)
Dimensions HMD: 8" (H) x 9" (W) x 14" (D)
  DIU:  6" (L) x 4” (D) x 1.75" (H)
(1U rack compatible)
  HMD Cable: 8’ Overall, 2-Piece, Midpoint Connector (consult factory for custom length)
Interfaces Features: ON/OFF power switch, dual video inputs, stereo audio &  COM (pass through)
  Connectors: Connections in/out of DIU :
HMD I/F`-  HD26
Video In  - HD15 (2)
Power     - 3-prong removable: IEC-320
Audio     - 3.5mm circular jack
COM       - 2.5mm circular jack
Electronic Inputs Video Input: VESA XGA, 1024x768 @ 60Hz, non-interlaced
  Power: 110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz
  Audio: 3-wire stereo (pass through, consult factory for compatible headphones)
  COM: 3-wire (pass through, consult factory for compatible microphones)
Other features Display Type: Binocular: supports frame-parallel stereo (FPS)
  Modular: HMD and DIU are interchangeable and available separately
  Head-track: Provides mount surface compatible with head-tracking transducer
  Eyecups: Removable rubber eyecups are available for enhanced immersion effect, or other shielding requirements
More Information
Manufacturer Intevac
Vision binocular
Resolution XGA 1024x768
Display Technology LCD
Video Inputs VGA
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