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The Bluetooth® Intelligent Serial Module is specifically designed for applications where robust short range connectivity is required. This particular module provides a reliable Bluetooth connection that exceeds all requirements in terms of performance. The excellent range to 300 meters with very low power consumption of less than 36 mA makes this module a true class leader.


Best-in-class range provides open field connectivity in excess of 300 meters Integrated high-performance ceramic antenna Adaptive frequency hopping to cope with interference from other wireless products Optimised receive sensitivity to provide long range initial connections that largely eliminate connection hysterisis A full industrial operating temperature range to +85°C Data transfer rate to 300 kbps Fully approved product Class 1 version 2.0 Bluetooth Receive sensitivity better than -84 dBm Support for 128 bit encryption Non-discoverable modes 40 way Hirose connector X 8 bit ADCs 9 X GPIO Low power modes Lead free 2 year warranty Supports Wi-Fi co-existence Embedded Bluetooth stack Integrated antenna with to 300m range External antenna version available As well as incorporating a fully approved embedded Bluetooth protocol stack, the module includes a comprehensive AT style interface that dramatically reduces the development time of applications from months to days.


Frequency Max Transmit Power Min Transmit Power Lowe Power Sniff Receive Sensitivity Range

+6dBm (internal antenna TRBLU23-00200) +4dBm (at u.fl connector -27dBm 2.5mA typical Better than 300 m (free space)

3.3v UART 9 x Digital Default 9600,n,8,1 From to 921600bps DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS, DCD, RI DCE or DTE mode

Internal External Multilayer Ceramic Connection via u.fl connector

Bluetooth Qualified Lead Free Temperature Range Interface Levels Audio Multipoint Field Upgrades ADC Protocols

Bluetooth 2.0 RoHS compliant +85° 3.3V Supported Over UART x 8bit UART AT command set Multipoint


TRBLU23-00200 Bluetooth Serial Module with integrated antenna TRBLU23-00300 Bluetooth Serial Module with u.fl connector for external antenna The details contained within the document are subject to change. Download the product specification from for the most current specification.

More Information
Brand Ezurio
Specification 2.0+EDR
Interface RS-232
Class 1
Bluetooth stack location built-in
Profiles SPP
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