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Bluetooth modules

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  1. BL-554

    USB Bluetooth adapter
  2. BL-752

    Bluetooth Type I CompactFlash card
  3. BL-819

    Bluetooth to RS232 Serial Adapter 1 Port Male
  4. BL-830

    Class 2 RS232 Bluetooth Converter
  5. LM505

    Short Range Bluetooth USB adapter with very small form factor 2.5 cm x 2 cm.

     This product is End of Life. Please use the LM506 as a replacement.

  6. LM746

    The LM746 is an extremely versatile and cost effective solution, enabling audio data to be wirelessly communicated between audio devices, using a Bluetooth® and Bluetooth low energy connection. It’s sound enhancement features make it a perfect fit within your premium audio device.

  7. LM747

    LM747 is LM Technologies Bluetooth® v4.1, v4.0, v2.1 Dual Mode Class 2 Multimedia module with stereo flash. This module is ideal for multimedia applications in vehicle infotainment systems, handsfree kits, headsets, Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth® Stereo Headsets and much more.

  8. LM817

    LM817 provides a complete solution for a wireless coexistence applications which requirer high throughput, and quality performance for WLAN and Bluetooth connections.

8 Item(s)

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