Twiddler3 Haptic Add On

  • Add vibration feedback to your Twiddler3.
  • Get tactile notifications when you cannot see the LED
  • Fully integrated
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Add haptic feedback to your Twiddler3! This add on allows you to get vibration feedback from the Twiddler when certain events occur. This is great when you can't take a look at the onboard LED to get status updates.

The Haptic add on currently supports these events:

  1. Bluetooth scanning.  During the Bluetooth pairing mode, the Twiddler will buzz everytime the LED flashes.
  2. Bluetooth connect.  A buzz will indicate when the Bluetooth pair has completed and the Twiddler3 is connected.
  3. End of multi-char chord.  During long multi character chords, the Twiddler3 will not scan for keycodes.  Once a multi-char chord is complete, the Twiddler3 will buzz to indicate that you can resume typing.
  4. More to come....  We will be adding many more supported events in the future.

This module can be ordered at time of Twiddler3 purchase or as an after market upgrade in the future.

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