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  1. NVIS Scout 35

    Scout 35 hand-held display system. Dual 1920x1080 displays with 35 degree circular field-of-view. Includes 6 programmable USB Joystick buttons, scroll wheel, integrated tripod attachment, and accommodates most motion trackers. Requires one or two of the following for monoscopic or stereoscopic viewing, respectively: HDMI, DisplayPort, or DVI.


  2. NVIS Virtual Binocular SV

    800 x 600 Binoculars

    End Of Life.  Please use Scout 35 as the replacement.


  3. nVisor ST60

    high-resolution see-through HMD for Augmented Reality
  4. nVisor SX

    SXGA Head Mounted Display

    Demo Kit

  5. ST50

    nVisor ST50 Head-Mounted Display. 1280x1024 full color with 50° diagonal field-of-view in see-thru or immersive modes for professional augmented and virtual reality applications. Includes built-in microphone and stereo headphones. Dual HDMI interface supports stereopsis via two video inputs. Includes one year mfg warranty.

5 Item(s)

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