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  1. I-PORT EX3

    Ultraportable Monocular SVGA viewer
  2. Cinemizer OLED

    The lightweight and compact Cinemizer OLED is packed with engineering marvels that make it the most comfortable, durable and stylish multimedia eyewear on the market. The Cinemizer features optical adjustments for each eye that allow you to adjust your view of the High Definition OLED displays so that the image quality is perfect!
  3. NVIS Scout 35

    Scout 35 hand-held display system. Dual 1920x1080 displays with 35 degree circular field-of-view. Includes 6 programmable USB Joystick buttons, scroll wheel, integrated tripod attachment, and accommodates most motion trackers. Requires one or two of the following for monoscopic or stereoscopic viewing, respectively: HDMI, DisplayPort, or DVI.


  4. NVIS Virtual Binocular SV

    800 x 600 Binoculars

    End Of Life.  Please use Scout 35 as the replacement.


  5. ST50

    nVisor ST50 Head-Mounted Display. 1280x1024 full color with 50° diagonal field-of-view in see-thru or immersive modes for professional augmented and virtual reality applications. Includes built-in microphone and stereo headphones. Dual HDMI interface supports stereopsis via two video inputs. Includes one year mfg warranty.

  6. The Third Eye - HDD

    Tactical SVGA Hand Held Display


    Note: Delivery ~60 days ARO

  7. Z800 3D Visor

    Stereoscopic OLED HMD

    Demo Kits


10 Item(s)

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