Cyberman GVD510

Color VGA HMD for Video (NTSC/PAL)
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Big Screen Image with High Resolution displays

The image in the GVD510 Cyberman™ HMD looks like a 40" screen 6 feet away. The Utilizing two high resolution (920K pixels) LCD displays, the head mounted display offers you clear and exquisite pictures, which makes the viewing experience so realistic it feels as if you are actually "in" the movie.

Two versions for you to chose from

GVD510 has two separate versions, AV and VGA, specifically configured to perform optimally in each application. If you need to use the head mounted display with an AV player, choose the AV version. If you want to use it with a computer choose the VGA version.

Elegant design and very portable

The GDV line of head mounted displays all possess the same elegant design focused on user comfort. This makes viewing an entire movie enjoyable and accommodates viewing in almost any sitting position.

Optional Hi-capacity lithium battery for permanent power supply and convenient usage

For added portability and in-field use the optional LP1100 lithium battery can supply power for 5 hours, making this a truly portable display device.


  • Display size: 40", 2m away
  • Pixels: 640H*480V*RGB(922K)
  • Angle of view: 28 degrees
  • Video input: NTSC/PAL Composite video
  • Sound: 2 channel stereo
  • Adjustment function: variable volume, picture contrast and brightness
  • AC power supply: 100V~220V/50Hz (input through adapter)
  • Power input: 9V DC
  • Basic accessories: AC adapter, eyecups, cables
  • Optional accessories: LP1100 lithium battery, PC adapter cable, wireless devices.
  • Power Consumption: 1.5W
  • Packing size: 260 x 180 x 80mm
More Information
Manufacturer Oriscape
Vision binocular
Resolution VGA 640x480
Display Technology LCD
Video Inputs NTSC, PAL
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