The BIT1012A is a high-performance low-cost full-featured driver supporting all variants of the eMagin SXGA096 OLED. Integrated dual-mode DVI / HDMI digital video input and multiple control interface options enable a compact single-board design suitable for virtually any application including binocular HMDs for users with narrow interpupilary distance (IPD).

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Lightweight low-profile compact design is optimized for both monocular and binocular display devices for both direct-view and reflective eyepiece designs. Symmetrical layout placing the OLED image centroid in the exact center of the Driver supports easy monocular left/right eye switching as well as binocular side-by side
mounting. Image position and orientation controls facilitate rotation and binocular convergence adjustments / fine-tuning.

With all connectors located on a common edge directly supports plenum style end-product wire harnessing. This is especially helpful for routing wires along the upper edge of a binocular display assembly to minimize look-down obscuration of the mechanical structure.

Eight configurable #2 mounting tabs strategically arranged in 90-degree pairs at each corner provide a flexible easily customizable attachment system suitable for a variety of mechanical configurations. Unused mounting tabs can be simply snapped off and discarded.

The user selectable control interface supports easy adaptation to the most popular serial and discrete control interfaces. The 3.3V UART control option features a unique chip-select allowing multiple OLED drivers to be controlled by a common Tx/Rx pair, a unique feature intended specifically for binocular configurations.
Combining the BIT1012A OLED Driver with the BIT1100A discrete control module yields a complete standalone monocular display driver solution with convenient 3-button user controls. 

Low operational power plus reduced-power standby and ultra-lowpower disable modes provide flexible power control necessary to ensure long battery life for today’s and future portable devices. 

Additional features such as programmable brightness control steps, maximum brightness, built-in test patterns, user selectable gamma, video inversion, and video format query give the user all the necessary degrees of control to customize and diagnose the endproduct.



    • Supports all Variants of EMA-101204 (SXGA096)
    • Low Power: < 1W (less OLED)
    • Digital RGB Video Interface
    • DVI, HDMI (no HDCP): 24bRGB
    • Monocular: 1 OLED Channel
    • Supported Video Timing Format
    • SXGA
    • User-selectable Control Options
    • USB, UART, Discrete
    • Continuous Image Optimization
    • Mechanically Centered OLED Image
    • Power Enable / Disable Feature
    • Rapid start-up
    • Ultra-Low-power disable
    • User-configurable Mounting Features (Tabs)
    • Industrial Temperature Range (-40 ~ 70C)
    • RoHS / Pb-free



    • Head Mounted Displays (HMD)
    • Wearable Devices
    • Virtual / Augmented Reality
    • Embedded Viewers
    • Electronic Viewfinder
    • Instrumentation
    • Hobby



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More Information
Brand Bild Innovative Technology
Backorder Lead Time Usually ~8 weeks.
Display Manufacturer eMagin
Display eMagin SXGA096
Display Mount Board-to-Board
Form Factor Larger than display
Luminance Adjustable
Cable Interface HDMI
Command Interface Yes
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